In the world full of trends, we always want to remain classic. What's important is that you shine for yourself. You are the Crystal Seizing the stars!


Glamour, a vessel where dreams are poured! Indroducing "Noor - The Divine Light" which shines & reflects your glamour! A Collection of minimal baroque & handcrafted jewellery. It is the perfect fit for your style & memorable moments.

Timeless Classic

Jewellery that resonnates with different shades of you! Each like it's owner has a story to tell & a new one to live. Let's celebrate the everlasting feelings of Love, Laughter & Happiness with these exquisite Jewellery pieces.


Inspired by Vintage & Traditional Jewellery we bring to you the beautiful & stunning Dori Collection, handcrafted with love & a touch of urban influence adding an etheral look for all the Brides & Bridesmaids.


With Nidhivan we wish to take you down the memory lane of carefree days. The Jewels embody tradition, elegance, purity & nostalgia. The Collection amagamates our culture of appreciating every occasion with love. #Nidhivan celebrates us being together.